What Content Management Systems should we choose? How do we best implement a CMS?

Episode 101 Structuring Content with Eileen Webb

April 7, 2015

For years, we've put content on websites by dumping text, images and video onto a page like it's one big blob. In the age of mobile, it's become painfully clear that really doesn't work anymore. Planning a content system of types and fields yields much better results. Why? How? Eileen Webb joins Jen Simmons to explain exactly what this means.

In This Episode

  • We answer a listener question about which technologies are the best ones to learn — how does a new developer manage to learn them all?
  • Architecting content structure vs. strategizing about content quality, messaging, voice and tone
  • Why content should have a rigid structure
  • Using a content audit to find patterns
  • How content structure should fits the needs of, and reflect the organizational structure of the end client
  • Collaborating with the folks who will be adding content to the website
  • Where to start
  • How to do some of this, even if the people in charge of your project aren't on board

Episode 95 Making The Web Ahead Website with Jen Simmons

February 11, 2015

After months of work, I've launched a new website for The Web Ahead, at Hear a saga of the agony, the ecstasy, the design and the build. How? Why? On what? A lot of geeking out about tech and design and some talk about future plans, too. The inimitable Jeff Eaton switches seats and interviews me, Jen Simmons, all about it.

In This Episode

  • Reasons behind creating this website
  • Jen's design process, designing in Drupal
  • Designing the audio player
  • Transcripts and Team Web Ahead
  • The server stack and deployment process
  • Figuring out branding and typography
  • Future plans for the show
  • Growing The Web Ahead into a business
  • How you can get more involved

Episode 61 Making Your Stuff Make Sense with Jeff Eaton

March 5, 2014

Architecting how content is structured, collected, and presented are three distinct aspects of designing a web project. Jeff Eaton joins Jen Simmons to talk about how to think through it all.

Episode 54 Jekyll and CMS-less websites with Young Hahn and Dave Cole

June 27, 2013

After many years of using Content Management Systems that store content in a database, there's a movement to store content in files instead. Jekyll and other tools, including GitHub, are springing up to create a new ecosystem of file-based tools. Young Hahn and Dave Cole join Jen Simmons to explain.

Episode 20 Content Everywhere with Lyza Gardner

March 16, 2012

Author, speaker and developer Lyza Danger Gardner joins Jen Simmons to talk about how CMSes provide — or fail to provide — a platform for publishing content everywhere. How can we design & build a website that will publish everywhere and last long term?

Episode 6 Web Strategy with Karen McGrane

October 19, 2011

Karen McGrane talks about planning systems of flexible web content that can be used in a variety of places. And about the need for better content entry workflows.

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