Nellie McKesson

Nellie McKesson is the eBook Operations Manager at O’Reilly Media and co-author of Publishing with iBooks Author. She is actively involved in assessing new publishing technologies and building a scalable platform to implement them within O’Reilly’s daily eBook operations. She began as a print layout specialist with an expert knowledge of InDesign and a background in web design, which segued nicely into eBook design and development. She’s currently experimenting with a new production workflow using CSS to transform XML documents to print- and web-friendly PDFs. Nellie is also the production assistant at A Book Apart, and provides freelance ebook and print production services.


Episode 52 eBooks

Electronic book formats are changing. EPUB3 and HTML5 are providing tools to create new forms of books, with richer experiences. Nellie McKesson joins Jen Simmons to explain where digital books have been, and where they are going.