All about the browsers. Including the unexpected ones — on TVs, game controllers, in countries where things are different than where you live — there's a lot to keep up with when it comes to understanding the browser landscape.

Episode 96 Reinventing the Web in Virtual Reality with Josh Carpenter and Vladimir Vukicevic

February 18, 2015

Virtual reality technology is starting to take off. VR hardware has been steadily improving. VR films are getting a lot of attention. VR games are leveling up. But so far, virtual reality systems are closed platforms, each working with the equipment and software of one company. What could a cross-platform web of Virtual Reality look like? What might web designers do with a fully-immersive web experience? There's a team at Mozilla working on WebVR. Jen Simmons talks to Josh Carpenter and Vladimir Vukicevic to find out what they are doing.

In This Episode

  • The magic of virtuality
  • What might it mean to surf as a virtual reality space?
  • How in the world might a fully immersive web work?
  • The differences between virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality
  • How the web could be a broadcasting platform for VR films
  • The current state of VR hardware
  • Experiments at Mozilla
  • Progress on a web standard for WebVR

Episode 94 Rethinking Microsoft's Browser with Rey Bango

January 30, 2015

Microsoft announced that they will be introducing a new browser, code-named Project Spartan. Windows 10 will ship with both IE and Project Spartan, but Spartan is the future. What is happening? How is it that the oldest popular browser is going to end? Rey Bango joins Jen Simmons to tell all.

In This Episode

  • What is Spartan?
  • What's the rendering engine in Spartan? How similar is it to IE?
  • What's the web standards support like?
  • Why is Microsoft changing browsers?
  • What are the priorities for Spartan?
  • Is that the name? When is it coming out?
  • It's "evergreen"? What's that mean?
  • How long will Internet Explorer stick around?

Episode 52 eBooks with NellieMcKesson

April 24, 2013

Electronic book formats are changing. EPUB3 and HTML5 are providing tools to create new forms of books, with richer experiences. Nellie McKesson joins Jen Simmons to explain where digital books have been, and where they are going.

Episode 51 Rendering Engines, Vendor Prefixes & Chrome Blink

April 11, 2013

Chrome recently announced they will replacing the webkit rendering engine with a new one, named Blink. What's up with that? To find out, Chris Wilson and Paul Irish join Jen Simmons to explain rendering engines and vendor prefixes.

Episode 46 The Web Behind with Tantek Çelik

December 20, 2012

Tantek Çelik joins Eric Meyer and Jen Simmons for another episode in The Web Behind series. They talk about OpenDoc, Internet Explorer 5 for Mac, doctype switching, semantic data formats, and much more.

Episode 42 Internet Explorer 10 with Rey Bango

November 8, 2012

Internet Explorer 10 is out. What's new with one of the most popular browsers? How is the support for HTML5, CSS3, and new Javascript APIs? What do people who create the web need to know?

Episode 38 Game Console Browsers with Anna Debenham

October 9, 2012

People are accessing the web from all kinds of devices these days, and will be from many more in the future. Anna Debenham joins Jen Simmons to talk about game consoles, both portable games and consoles that go with a television set, and the browsers they run. How might you want to adjust your website to work on these devices?

Episode 22 TVs with Jason Grigsby

June 13, 2012

What does the news from this week's Apple keynote mean for the future of the web? There was no TV announcement, but what is the state of internet-enabled TVs? What can web designers and developers be doing today to support the coming TVs.

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