Rachel Nabors

Rachel Nabors is an interaction developer and award-winning cartoonist. She travels the world, speaking about web animation and giving workshops. Her articles on the topic have been published in Smashing Mag, A List Apart, 24 Ways, and Net Mag. When not biking around her home city of Portland, Oregon in the USA, she makes interactive comics at her company Tin Magpie and publishes Web Animation Weekly.


Episode 103 Animating the Web

How can we use animation on the web to provide information and improve the user experience? What uses should we avoid? How should we go about thinking of animation, including built-in animation experiences that are so common we don't see them anymore? Rachel Nabors joins Jen Simmons to explore the possibilities.

In This Episode

  • The future of the web in multiple states and dimensions
  • How to decide what to animate
  • How the right animations can make an interface instantly understandable
  • What's wrong with Parallax scrolling — and what's not wrong with it
  • Six kinds of animations
  • Performance considerations when animating
  • Browser page scrolling as the first animation users experience
  • Possibilities for controlling the page load — how we might want to orchestrate loading content, rather than only focusing on speed