Anna Debenham

Anna Debenham is a freelance front-end developer living in Brighton in the UK. She was awarded the Netmag Young Developer of the Year Award in 2013. She's the technical editor for A List Apart, the co-producer of 24 Ways, and the author of Front-end Style Guides. When she’s not playing on them, she’s testing as many game console browsers as she can get her hands on.


Episode 72 Style Guides

Style guides, once the exclusive domain of print designers, are finding their way onto the web. Built out of HTML and CSS, such style guides are handy tools for the design process, for maintaining sites over time, and for making collaboration across teams much easier. Anna Debenham joins Jen Simmons to explain.

Episode 38 Game Console Browsers

People are accessing the web from all kinds of devices these days, and will be from many more in the future. Anna Debenham joins Jen Simmons to talk about game consoles, both portable games and consoles that go with a television set, and the browsers they run. How might you want to adjust your website to work on these devices?